Thursday, July 19, 2012

Race Day

Number 24 Jeff Gordon has been Andrews favorite driver since he watched his first race when he was 9 years old.  Back then he asked me who my favorite driver was and I didn't know any of them so asked him to list a few names for me.  When he said Jimmie Johnson I asked what number is he, "48", what color is his car " blue and silver", I said he can be my favorite.  Well if you are familiar with Nascar you know how unpopular I am in this house :)   Jimmie Johnson won his first championship that year and went on to win a total of 5 in a row, very rarely done in any sport.  I also now know a lot more about Nascar than I ever thought possible but I think it is important to take interest in your kids interests.

I do not have many pictures of me or my 48 car as they were on Tim's camera which was stolen on our way home!  That was very upsetting and the only down side to our trip.  It was taken out of our checked luggage in baggage handling in Orlando so lost half our our trip pictures.

We got passes for the infield and the boys got to see the garage and inspection areas and spotted a few drivers and crew chiefs.

One other special moment in our trip was Andrew was able to meet up with a few of his online buddies as three were coming to the race.  He has found a great group of friends online with the same interests that he has and they talk online everyday.   I totally understand this as I have a wonderful group of online quilting friends as well that I would love to meet one day.

This was Friday's Nationwide Race which had about a third of the people than the Saturday Sprint Cup race, I don't like crowds so really enjoyed watching this race.  The race was at night under the lights and we watched a thunderstorm to the west and never got a drop of rain.

This next picture was taking at the Saturday race when there wasn't an empty seat.   There were 115,000 people at that race and I was impressed at how well they organized the buses to shuttle people back to the parking lots.

I did have one picture of me on my camera, just to prove I was there!  :)
It was 100'f during the day with very high humidity, but this Canadian girl survived.


  1. sorry your camera got swiped. I am not a Nascar fan either but enjoyed your pictures. About 25 years ago I had the opportunity to see the time trials for the Indy was amazingly noisy with just a few cars...I can't imagine the sound on race day!

  2. So sorry about your camera. I know a couple other people that this has happened to. Such a sad thing. Great to see the pictures of your trip. Florida in July? Whew! What a great Mom you are!

  3. Kathy, looks like your having so much of a fun summer!!

  4. Looks like it was a thrill for your family!!! What fun!!! Stinks about your camera, though. Hopefully, you'll get an even better one now!! :-)