Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thimballina Bag

When I was at Gruber's Quilt Shop in Minnisota I found this cute bag pattern called Thimballina designed by Aunties Two.   On Tuesday I finally sat down at my sewing machine and made this little bag.  I changed the closure on it and used a magnetic snap instead of a button and ties. I used a Fat Eight bundle I bought at Sew Batik and it went together very quickly. 

This bag is very similar to the clothes line bags and bowls but you use batting instead of clothes line and sewing it is much gentler on your machine. Ask me how I know?  :)

Here is one of many clothesline bowls I had made alongside my worn out needle shaft from my Janome 6500!!  I'm sure all the quilts I quilted on my Janome before getting my longarm might have something to do with this needing replaced.  But if your at a retreat making these bowls and your machine is making a terrible banging noise and all your quilting friends question the condition of your sewing machine.....stop sewing!!  Don't just say "yeah my machine always sounds like that when I make these bowls".  They would agree I definitely worn that part out with a BANG!

I have really enjoyed reading all your comments on my Summer Giveaway post, thank you to everyone that entered, I honestly wasn't expecting this great of response after boring you with my vacation pictures :)
  If you haven't entered yet you still have plenty of time to leave a comment on that post, I'll make the draw on July 30.

I wanted to take a minute to point out that many of you that used your Google accounts to leave a comment are No-Reply Bloggers. That means you do not have your email visible on your account so I can't contact you if you win.  If you like to enter other giveaways and have never won this maybe why.
So here is a great tutorial to check if your a no-reply blogger.


  1. Thanks Kathy, I *was* a no-reply blogger.

  2. Отличный планшет и очень удобный! У квилтеров все лоскуты в дело идут.

  3. What a great bag and it will be so handy for so many things. Gotta love those batiks! Yummy! :-)

  4. Funny story about your needle shaft.