Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Batik Popsicle Sticks Quilt

This is Phyl’s Popsicle Sticks quilt, the third one I have quilted for her so you know this is one of her favorite patterns for using Bali Pops.   I quilted it with the panto Curlz and used Dream Blend batting.

She asked me to dye a backing for it and I knew that it had to be a soft teal as the top reminds me of the color of the ocean and sand.    I was so happy with the results as dyeing a large backing a very light color can be tricky. The color came out even across the whole back with a subtle texture from the crumple in the dye bath.

I had a little fun with a new location for taking pictures.  I’m sure a few local ladies will recognize this room …

…and this view! 

Thought it would be nice to show view of Schist Lake other than the one I show from my little bay all the time!   I think the 'B' stand for batik ;)

 phyl7 phyl6
I’m slowly learning how to use the manual setting on my camera and want to stop relying on my automatic setting.   I had to delete a lot of ‘whoops’ pictures today but that is part of the learning curve.  


  1. Nice to see a different view of your beautiful surrounds. The colours of the quilt fit in beautifully.

  2. Definitely recognize that room and view! Wonder if the owner will!!!! Quilt looks great! The colours go so well with the surroundings! The two of you have excelled once again!

  3. Beautiful work Kathy - the quilting and the backing.

    Looks like the perfect spot for a hockey game - bet that net gets good use :)

  4. Such a beautiful quilt. I like the idea that you dyed the backing. What kind of material do you use when you dye?

  5. Peg I buy my white cotton fabric from Sew Batik.

  6. What size of a container do you dye your backs in Kathy, and how do you get them so evenly dyed? The color is w onderful, and so is the quilting job, Congrats to you and Phyl.

  7. Lovely snow and a lovely quilt. Teal & brown are so nice together!

  8. LOVE!! And your view - just beautiful.

  9. Love your way. Love your batik

  10. Such a beautiful quilt. Is there someway to purchase a pattern for this quilt?