Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Oh Canada!


I have been rushing to finish my Oh Canada Quilt as tomorrow is Canada Day and happy to report I got the binding finished last night.   I have admired this collection of fabrics for a long time, it is called Oh Canada, which is a Stonehenge collection by Northcott.  I had not seen it made into a quilt that inspired me then I realized our Quarter Sections pattern would work perfectly and I’m very happy with the how it turned out.   I bought 16 fat quarters of the collection, 13 different prints were used in all as I bought two fat quarters each of the red and black fabrics as well as the white Inuksuk print.



I used the Maple Syrup panto which is so appropriate for this quilt!  A beige So Fine thread, Quilters Dream Blend for batting, and Stonehenge backing.


The sky is still very hazy here with all the forest fires in Northern Saskatchewan blowing their smoke this way.   We have had a few good rains but it is still dry up here.


To all my Canadian blog readers Happy Canada Day!



  1. Happy Canada Day to you too. A very Canadian quilt right down to the designers. It has turned out wonderfully. I doubt you are going to need a quilt tomorrow with the weather forecast. Maybe to keep the bugs at bay while watching fireworks. :)

  2. Wow, that's beautiful! I have admired your Quarter Sections pattern for a while but I think this is my favourite quilt made from it.

  3. Your quilt is gorgeous!! Congrats on finishing it in perfect timing!!! Have a great Canada Day!!! I really should get some of this fabric line, love all the Canadian motifs!!!

  4. Happy Canada day to you from a US reader. Love your quilt.

  5. Have a great Canada Day! Your pattern certainly shows off the fabric wonderfully. Looks great!

  6. Your quilt turned out great! Have a nice Canada day :-)

  7. Beautiful quilt, Kathy! The maple leaf in the quilting is adorable and perfectly suited to the print.

    That smoke is still hovering here in Winnipeg. Guess that is as fine an excuse as any to stay inside and sew!?

    Thanks for posting to TN&TN!

  8. Happy Canada Day....2 days ago! I guess better late than not at all. My daughter has lived in Canada (Vancouver area) for the past 4 years. It's a beautiful place and the people are probably the most polite people I've ever met.

    On another note, Kathy, I noticed that you almost always use Quilter's Dream Blend for your quilts (except baby quilts). Is there a reason you use it almost exclusively? I used to use Warm and Natural and found it to be too heavy and stiff, so I changed to Quilter's Dream Cotton, but now I use the poly because I feel that it drapes better and isn't so heavy. I was just wondering what you find to be the advantages of the blend.

    BTW...I love your quilt!


  9. It turned out perfect. Congrats to you for getting one of your own finished.

  10. Absolutely gorgeous quilt. I bought your pattern for this and all the Canada Stonehenge fabrics to make this quilt, including some of the Canada 150 fabrics. Just a constructive comment - had I not seen this quilt, I would have never purchased the pattern based on the cover quilt you have featured on it. I think you would sell a lot more patterns if you updated the cover photo to show this quilt.