Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Doo Da Daisy #2


This is Lorna’s second Doo Da Daisy quilt and the pattern is by Amy Bradley.   This time Lorna chose purple fabric for the daisies and a different print for the sashing and 16 patches.  I quilted it the same as her first one except for one small change, I quilted the center of the daisies with a swirl.   Quilters Dream Puff batting and So Fine thread.


I wanted to show you a close up of how I did the large pebbles around the daisies.   I wanted the daisies to look like they where laying on the pebbles so to do this I used half pebbles and just a curved short line in the tight space between the pedals.  This gives the illusion of the pebbles being behind the flower.   You don’t have to make your pebbles smaller to fit in that tiny space, by keeping the scale of the pebbles the same it creates a more appealing  visual design.



  1. love your quilt and love the pattern

  2. ohhhhhhhh stunning!!!! I love the pattern, but your quilting is to die for!!!! I cannot get pebbles that neat...lol

  3. I like the swirl in the centre. Great job, Lorna and Kathy.

  4. Very pretty quilt and quilting and thanks for explaining about the pebbles! Did you stitch in the ditch around the petals first or just where you needed to when doing the half pebbles? I'm a new longarm owner and love learning tips and tricks from experienced quilters.