Friday, June 26, 2015

Summer Break!!


Here it is, the last client quilt for June and I’m excited to have the next two months off to work on my own projects and just enjoy our short summer.   I’ll still be posting over the summer just not as often.   I have a few guild quilts that I took to do and will be sharing what I’m working on.

This is Valerie’s Batik quilt and she couldn’t remember the pattern name but it is a jelly roll quilt.   The batik prints had a lot of botanical designs so I chose Greenery for the panto and used a medium brown thread.

Greenery .0225 


I also want to share something interesting about my longarm machine.  I have a 2008 Millennium from APQS and I recently discovered when I had it serviced that it has an hour counter hidden in the back under the cover!  I thought this was pretty cool.   My hour count is 1223.2 of stitching time.  So if you have this machine you can check to see if you have this counter too!



  1. That counter is pretty cool. No one can say you're a slacker. You can figure exactly how long you work on each quilt. I am sure some people would be absolutely amazed by the time it takes to quilt their quilts. Enjoy your summer break with your family and your quilts.

  2. I track the time on my Gammill Classic Plus. Interesting to see the difference in my time standing at the machine versus the actual stitching time.

  3. Kathy thank you for sharing the counter on the APQS machines. Out of curiosity I'm going to keep a yearly check on mine.

  4. Enjoy your time!!! And short summer!

  5. Enjoy your summer, Kathy - I will be looking forward to your posts in the fall! and. . . thanks for the tip on the counter - I'm going to look at my Freedom and see if it's the same!

  6. I believe the quilt is called Gemini, because each block has a twin somewhere else in the quilt.

  7. Thanks for posting the link to the Forest is hazy here on Vancouver Island so using that link, I found out there are two small FF near here! Thanks for the tip!
    I am really enjoying your blog. Love seeing your lake with lily pads on it, instead of snow and ice!! :o))) And your quilting is wonderful!