Tuesday, October 6, 2015

American Glory Quilt


Here is the second quilt Patty sent from Germany.  This one is called American Glory by Peddlecar Quilts and the fabric line is called Faded Splendor by Robyn Pandolph.    Patty asked for custom quilting and said she liked feathers so I was happy to make sure there were a few feather motifs on this quilt!  I started with the flowing feathers in the outer border and added the piano key quilting in the middle border.  The small inner border has a curl feather design.   All the borders are stitched in the ditch to define each area.    I took these first couple of pictures early in the morning when the sun was low so you can really see the quilting well.


I used Quilters Dream Blend batting and a beige So Fine thread on top and a beige Bottom Line in the bobbin.

I used a stencils to mark the designs in the center of the stars and center feathered star.   Free hand loops frame the flags and I used a ruler to create the simple star design on the flags, the rest was stitch in the ditch.  The center feathers star was were I focused the feather motifs and used a few curved  QP rulers to create the shapes.

This next pictures were taking in the afternoon light.


Patty I’m so glad you found my blog and trusted me with your quilts!  You were a pleasure to work with!


  1. Absolutely STUNNING!! OMG...to be able to quilt like THAT! You are a true artist!

  2. Truly wonderful quilting. I love how you read a quilt so well. thanks for sharing with us.

  3. Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing with us. The morning light was just right.

  4. Great result! Your quilting is a perfect fit.

  5. Прекрасная стежка!!!

  6. What a beautiful quilt! and your quilting sets it off to perfection.

  7. That's a lot of quilting and it's GORGEOUS!

  8. My goodness, you and Patty have both done a great job. I'm sure she will be thrilled to get them home!