Saturday, October 10, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving


It is Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and we are having beautiful fall day.   It is 20’c and blue skies, normally this time of year it is only 8’c for a high so we are enjoying the warmer weather.    The tamarack trees in my yard are just reaching their peak golden colour before their needles fall off.   As you can guess this is one of my favourite trees as it is so unique being a deciduous conifer and their needles are so soft.


I didn’t adjust the colour on any of these photos, this is their true colour.


Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers!



  1. Wow!! You have a beautiful yard!! I love Tamaracks too!! Enjoy the warm temperatures... Soon we all will be in a winter deep freeze!! Happy Thanksgiving Kathy!!

  2. Gorgeous!! I just looked it up and they grow mainly east of the Rockies! Darn! I live on Vancouver tamaracks here! They are beautiful. When do they get their green needles back?

  3. Oooops! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!! The turkey is thawing...

  4. Happy Thanksgiving from Plymouth, Massachusetts, home of another Thanksgiving!!

  5. I haven't seen tamaracks this far south, either. They are beautiful. Have a great Thanksgiving!