Sunday, October 18, 2015

Sticks and Stones Quilt #2


This is Valery’s Sticks and Stones quilt which was a block of the month project from Periwinkles Quilting and Beyond in Saskatoon.  This is the second one I have quilted, I shared Marg’s Sticks and Stones quilt here.     This time I used Whirlygig for the panto design and a medium brown So Fine thread.


Valery had brought a golden brown backing but once she saw my selection of Stonehenge backing she decided to go with this one.  It matched the colours in her quilt top perfectly!   The batting is Quilters Dream Blend.




We are having a very nice weekend weather wise and spent Saturday splitting wood with our new log splitter.  Don’t know why we didn’t invest in one of these years ago!   We are now ready for winter.



  1. Oh yes, most definitely!!!! Log splitters are "heaven sent"!!!!!! Beautiful quilt......and, as always, your 'setting' is breath-taking!!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful quilt, perfect panto choice and backing fabric too. Love the views of your trees and water.

  3. LOVE the Whirlygig panto on this beautiful quilt.

  4. The person,, and maybe a lady, who invented the log splitter deserves a golden medal and a silver tiara.I say a "lady" as the old story goes " He holds the lantern while she chops the wood" Ours is a petrol driven one, on wheels,. and can handle huge blocks. Can you mount that on a platform and save all the bending over? ( Just a thought, my practical mind again).

  5. Beautiful! I see that you use so fine thread a lot. Just wondering why that is your thread of choice?