Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Moda Love

This is Lynn's Moda Love quilt and you can find the pattern for free here.  The pattern has three sizes using different precuts ( Layer Cakes, Charm packs and Mini Charm packs).  Lynn used a Grunge Charm pack so the final quilt is 42" x 42".  When we were discussing quilting options the first idea was to custom quilt.   But then she mentioned it is a baby gift and wants the little boy to be able to use the quilt as he grows and also brought a beautiful brown Minkie for the backing and Dream Puff batting. So based on that information I knew it had to be a panto.  The purpose of the quilt really does dictate how it should be quilted.  I don't like custom quilting with Minkie and to keep it soft and cuddly a lighter design is best.   So Lynn picked the Lounge Lizards panto to make it fun for a little boy.  Great choice!


  1. Oh yes! I love that, looks magic in the snow. I have made two of these, one using a layer cake, the other mini charms, really simple yet effective pattern.

  2. О, какая чудесная стежка! Ящерицы великолепны! Красивая работа.

  3. Such a beautiful bright spot on a winter's day!