Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Warm Wishes Quilt

This is Gail's Warm Wishes quilt and it will be a gift for a new grandchild arriving in February!  The pattern is from Quiltmaker and you can find the free download here.  

She sent bamboo batting which is so soft and a purple flannel backing.  Perfect combination for a cozy quilt.  I used the Hearts in Bloom panto and white So Fine thread on top and purple Bottom Line on the back.

I won't mention how cold it was when I was taking these pictures, needless to say it was a very quick photo shot!


  1. Beautiful. The snow is so perfect. I see they are teaching Lugnuts at the Minot quilt show this year...but you aren't the teacher!! I was still excited for you.

  2. Beautiful,and the two borders are a great finish. Heaps of snow!!!

  3. Love the quilt and your choice of quilting design! I'm interested in this panto, but can't find it. Who is the designer? pwaldron@neo.rr.com

  4. So sorry--I meant Modernish in the next post. Got lost!

    1. I purchased it from Urban Elementz. It is a design by Barbara Becker.

  5. Thank you so much Kathy, Baby is arriving this afternoon!! With this cold snap we are having, she will be snug as a bug in her new quilt.