Monday, April 18, 2016

Broken Herringbone


This is Terry’s Broken Herringbone quilt and the pattern is by Violet Craft.  I love the fabrics she used but don’t know the name of the collection.


She asked for simple quilting so I thought this would be a good time to try a new pantograph called Water Wings by Barbara Becker, which I purchased from Urban Elementz.  The thread is beige So Fine and batting Quilters Dream Blend.


Now that the weather has warmed up we have been watching the otters playing out on the ice!  But of coarse as soon as I get my camera out they disappear.  So I went for a walk out on the lake (there is 24” of lake ice so still safe) and found the opening where they are popping in and out of.  They were not too happy to see me approach and starting making a snorting sound. 


Then they tried to hide!


But this is my favourite picture.  I was getting pretty close so one of them disappeared and suddenly popped through the ice and started snorting again!  I was prepared to run but I had to get a picture first and it was worth it!



  1. Love the otters! Great quilting and they 'otter' know.... :-)

  2. Love that! It has an native American look to it. Cute otter!

  3. Super pattern, amazing fabric choices, quilting a perfect finish, but the crazy otter takes my pick for today.

  4. those otter pix are great! And I love the quilt too!

  5. Love that pattern. Great way to show off fabrics. The quilting looks great on it.
    Love your Otter pics. I can't believe you still have that much ice left.

  6. The quilt is an eye catcher for sure, but the otters! Great pics.

  7. Oh, the otters are so cute! How lucky you get to see such wonders from your home. The photos are really great, especially the last one. Your quilting is beautiful too!

  8. Beautiful - where can I find the pattern?