Friday, April 15, 2016

City Slicker #2

This is Sheri’s City Slicker quilt and it is the second one she has made.    This time she used a jelly roll from a Moda line called Little Black Dresss and a light Grunge for the background, it looks fabulous.   This was the same fabric that Road 17 N used for their City Slicker  sample and has kits made up if you’re interested!
We finally have above freezing temperatues so the snow on the lake is melting like crazy.  I froze again last night so I was able to run out there this morning to get a few pictures on the ice.  Probably won’t get many more of those this year!
Sheri requested the Mimosa panto and it looks great on this quilt. I used a medium beige So Fine thread on top, a ligher beige of Bottom Line on the back and Quilters Dream Blend batting. The backing is a wide Grunge in the lightest colour they make.
Feels good to be back at the longarm after a week off.  When I came home from the Quilt Show my house was torn apart and my Shack full of furniture as we were getting new carpet installed.  When my husband ripped out all the old carpet he said he found a beach under the it!  Yes, piles of sand had collected over the years and now we know what all the lumps were under the carpet!  He swept up a few piles like in this pictures just in the livingroom.
Here is the new carpet!  Much nicer colour for taking quilt pictures on than my old teal carpet…and it will hide the sand!


  1. Love the City Slicker quilt! And I did a double take when I saw the picture of the sand dune: I first thought it was a still from the Star Wars movie!

  2. Looks like your ice and snow is diminishing. You got that new carpet just in time!

  3. Pulled out ancient carpet and joked about planting corn in the mess we found underneath. The backing material had crumbled and mixed with dirt! But there were nice hardwood floors ready to be refinished.
    Beautiful quilts and otters.

  4. I'm interested in purchasing a pre-made kit for this gorgeous quilt.

    1. Please visit our Highway 10 Designs website to order the pattern. The fabric line is from Moda from 2016 so no longer available but they usually have a similar colourway collection each year.