Sunday, April 24, 2016

North Star Quilt Guild Quilt Show 2016

Welcome to our guilds 2016 Quilt Show, this is the reason my blog as been so quiet this past month.  I was co-chair of the show along with my good friend Audrey.   I thought I would share pictures of our show with you and I’m sure you will recognize many of the quilts as I did the count and I quilted 40% of them.  These ladies are the reason I have my longarm business and I’m very grateful they have trusted me with their quilts over the years. I would not have developed the skills I have without their support.
Our show is held in our Community Hall as it is the largest suitable venue in our town.  We have 6 large quilt trees that each hold 8 large quilts, a cable on the west wall that holds 18 twin, lap size quilts and we made PVC frames to hold large wall hanging and baby quilts.

We include a tea and cookies with our show and a place for viewers to sit, chat and enjoy the atmosphere.

We have two entrances so have two admissions desks, this is the view from the second entrance and you are welcomed with our Lug Nuts Raffle quilt this year and our guild banner.

And like with any event there are always last minute jobs to be done before the show is open and Audrey was right on it.  (We forgot to add a label to our Raffle Quilt!)

We also had In House raffles which was three quilts and one tuffet.

We had a guild challenge this year, it was  Black and White Challenge and members also had to pick a marker out of a bag (while not looking) and the colour they picked was the only accent colour they could add to the Black and White fabrics.

We had 25 entries and had the show viewers vote for their favorite.   The winner was Rae’s “Whoops” quilt.

Second was Helen’s quilt.

And third was my Hunters Star quilt.  We each received a fabric ribbon and a quilt kit.

Now lets wander around the show a bit!

We had a special display from our guild members Robin and Nadine. They have been very busy making quilts for Ronald McDonald house in Saskatoon, SK and focused on quilts for teenage boys as that was the kinds of quilts the charity was always short on.  They are not anymore as I think they have made between 80 to 100 for that project.  We are very proud of you ladies and that is what quilting is all about!

We also had a Toonie Parade fundraiser were members donated baskets or new items and these two lovely ladies, Moira and Iris, created 16 beautiful baskets and a gorgeous display.  Great job ladies!  If you’re wondering why it is called a Toonie parade it is based on the same idea as a Penny Parade and when we started the tickets were $2 ( in Canada that coin is called a Toonie). But now that we have change our ticket to a sheet of 20 for $5 we might have to change the name!

Now besides seeing all the quilts having two vendors at our show is a huge highlight for us as we do not have a local quilt shop.  So Mami’s Country Quilts from Duck Lake, SK  filled the stage with their beautiful Judy Niemeyer quilts as they are certified teachers for her patterns.

Had to get a closure picture of their Lug Nuts quilt sample under this beautiful Judy Neimeyer quilt!

We also had Road 17 N Quilt Shop from Winkler, MB drive 900km to come to our show!    Thanks from coming to our show Shari and Leroy, we hope you come back again for our next show!

And last, but not least, our Viewers Choice Red Ribbon went to my client Linda for her beautiful Sunday Ride quilt which will be a wedding gift for her granddaughter!  Congratulations Linda!

Now that I have my blog post done I plan on doing NOTHING for the rest of the day!   I hope to be back to my regular quilting and blogging schedule this week now that the show is over.


  1. What a lovely venue for your quilt show. The display is beautiful, well done.

  2. Oh Kathy - that was wonderful. Thank you for the tour! What a great show - such talented ladies!

  3. What a wonderful show!! Thanks for taking us along!!

  4. There are certainly some talented and creative ladies in your group! Lovely show!

  5. What lovely quilts. Your group has many talented quilters.
    I an intrigued by the quilt tree stands as I have never seen anything like them before. Do they have another name as googling isn't coming up trumps.

  6. a group of us from Snow Lake were able to attend on Friday and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I was able to renew some old friendships. Intended a connection with Moira from over 45yrs ago

  7. Thank you for posting the photos, great show! We visited Flin Flon a couple years ago and camped across from the Walmart in a really nice RV/campground. I had no idea there were so many quilters in the area. We also visited Mami's and camped in Duck Lake that same trip... wow... that shop has a huge inventory and I was so impressed.

  8. What a wonderful quilt show - you should be proud, I know how much work goes into putting on a show, and I'd say you did a spectacular job! I, too, am interested in your tree stands - someone was very creative! Do you have any details on how they were made?

  9. Oh, and congratulations on all your quilting AND on your viewers choice win!

  10. Amazing work, all of them. What a labor of love to do all those boys' quilts for RMH. And "Whoops" is just too cute.

  11. A very impressive show!!! Thank you for posting the pictures.

  12. Thanks for sharing your show with us. Many wonderful quilts that I will have to look at more closely time and again.

  13. loved the show, thanks so much for sharing with us! And yes, you deserve some time off after this!

  14. Wow!! That was a great Quilt show!!! I hope you had lots of attendees to see all that gorgeous work!!!

  15. What a wonderful show. I loved all of your pictures. Thanks for telling us about the show. Looks like it was a lot of fun.

  16. Wow, what a bunch of talented people live in the north.

  17. By the way, I love your blog and follow faithfully, I will bring you a quilt to do for me the next time I come to see my sister, Jo-ann Turner

  18. Thanks for sharing the pictures of that wonderful quilt show. The guild certainly has some very talented quilters.