Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Journey to Churchill–Mama Polar Bear and Cubs!


This was the absolute highlight of the trip, I can’t believe I took this picture in the wild!

After viewing the owl we started to head out into the bay to view the Belugas but again the keen eye of our guide spotted a Mama Polar Bear with her two cubs!   One cub was on the shore and the mom and other cub were swimming.


They come out of the water and we watch as they walk along the shore.


They stop to nurse from mom!


Now this next series of pictures tells a cute story, we all laughed watching the one tired cub lay on the rock. 


‘But mom I don’t want to climb up here, I’m too tired from my swimming lesson” 


This will show you how close we were to the bears on the boat.


They walk away behind the outcrop and then I notice her peeking out at us.  “Haven’t they left yet?” 


This encounter with the cubs was a really highlight of the trip.  I wasn’t expecting to see any bears and to capture pictures of this experience was beyond anything I had hoped for.

New post the beluga whales!


  1. You were close, what a gift to see this. Those faces, and white fur, and two cubs, fantastic. I guess everyone on the boat was so excited as well. Did your guide have an idea they were there?

  2. These photos are the last straw. Churchill is now on my must go to list. A long way from Australia but I am going there!

  3. Kathy, your photography is fabulous. What a beautiful trip you had. I'm so looking forward to tomorrow's post. I feel I'm on the adventure with you. Thanks for sharing. I may have to put Churchill on my bucket list.

  4. thanks so much for sharing this wonderful adventure with us.

  5. What wonderful pictures of a great experience--thanks so much for sharing them!

  6. OMG All your photos are amazing. Love the baby polar bears!!!!!

  7. Such amazing photos - thanks so much for sharing. How wonderful to see these marvelous creatures in the wild.

  8. As young people say theses days totes jelly!

  9. Oh my goodness, Kathy, what fabulous photos! All your Churchill photos are great, no need to apologize! I'm glad that you finally had your "honeymoon." Now that your kids are older, I hope you'll be able to travel some more. And share the photos!

  10. These are amazing pictures of the polar bears as were the pictures of the whales. Sounds like an incredible experience.