Friday, August 26, 2016



A few years ago my Grandmother gave me her old Singer hand crank sewing machine as it was just too heavy for her to haul out and use anymore.  The case is made out of oak, so definitely not a featherweight!   It had also belonged to my Great Grandmother and she had bought it second hand.    I have been wanting to play with it since I got it and I finally sat down to figured out how to thread it!  Stitches like a dream. It is not in mint condition, lot of scratches in the paint and dents in the wood but that is what makes it special.  It is fun to think of all the thing that were made on this machine in our family. I looked up the serial number on the Singer website and it was made in 1905 in Great Britain.


I’m pretty sure the bobbin case has been replaced as it looks quite new.   I was a bit confused at first when I saw the needle was in sideways but then realized the bobbin case was turned compared to modern machines.



The designs have an Egyptian theme.  


The hand crank moves very smoothly and as long as I don’t turn it too fast, yes I like to sew fast, then the stitches are very nice!


Not one that you want to take to retreats! It is so heavy!


It would be fun to piece a simple quilt top on this one day though!



  1. Gorgeous! Love the Egyptian designs and what a family treasure!

  2. The box alone is a treasure. One to keep for sure.

  3. WOW!! She is a beauty! Lucky YOU!

  4. Wow, treasure is right, that is awesome. So nice that it is a family heirloom too!

  5. I was gifted with an old hand crank also, but not a Singer. It also has that coffin style lid. I'll have to see what year it was made, I've never tried sewing with it just admired it.

  6. My mother had her grandmothers machine just like that and that is what I learned to sew with. I used it for years. Wonderful machine.

  7. I'm surprised it has a bobbin like that. I have an electric singer in a wooden case and it has a shuttle style bobbin. I love the old sewing machines.

  8. Lovely post. Love the vintage machines.

  9. Lucky, lucky you!!! I'd love to have my grandmother's treadle, but i was so young when her household was broken up that I don't even know where it went. A hand-crank is definitely on my want list. What fun you'll have with that machine!

    Carole S.

  10. Lucky you! Such a treasure. Not only the fact of it being an antique, but one that generations have used in your family.

  11. Lucky you! Such a treasure. Not only the fact of it being an antique, but one that generations have used in your family.