Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rapid Fire Hunters Star–Red and White


I’ll be starting back to quilting for my client again next week but I needed to finish one more quilt for our guild.  This is a Rapid Fire Hunters Star quilt and we used the ruler of the same name by Studio 180 Designs to piece it.  There are two rulers and we used the Large Star one and made the 8” blocks in a 8 x 8 layout making it 72” x72” with a 4” border.   You can also use the Petit Star ruler and make the 8” block but the stars are smaller using that ruler. Our guild will be using this quilt for our One Day Raffle at our local Christmas Craft Sales and it is a great one day fundraiser for our group. You can sell a lot of tickets when you tell people the quilt is drawn today!  We are working on a second one that is red, green and white that I hope to quilt next month.


I used the Bountiful Feathers pantograph as it matches the feathery print in the red fabrics.  I used white So Fine thread on top and white Bottom Line on the white backing.   I chose white thread as I prefer light threads on dark fabrics over dark threads on light fabrics. That way the white background stays fresh and crisp looking without adding random red lines of thread on it.


Summer is coming to a close up here.  I have noticed a few leaves on the birch trees changing colour but we are still enjoying +20’c days.  Now that calm lake is calling me, time to get the kayak in the water!


  1. Gorgeous......but, then, what's not to love about a red & white quilt!!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing your reason for the thread color you chose. I moved to South Carolina about 3 years ago, from northern Wisconsin. I miss the changing fall colors, and even the beauty of fresh snow. However, I don't miss shoveling.
    May God bless the work of your hands

  3. This quilt is gorgeous! What a spectacular photo shoot!

  4. Beautiful, and a lovely design. I can see the signs of autumn up your way, and so soon, once again, that marvellous showcase of a quilt on the snow.

  5. Once again a stunning quilt and what's not to love about your scenery?
    Your reasoning for the thread color made the decision for my current project much easier.

  6. Beautiful and the points in the star look meticulous!