Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Jelly Roll Rug and More.

Well I jumped on the Jelly Roll Rug bandwagon and made a rug!  The pattern is by Roma Quilts and you can find her pattern at her Etsy page here.  I started making the ‘rope’ in January when I was at the Gimli Retreat using a Gemstone precut called Canadian Rockies.    I started to sew it together at home and well….ended up with a very large bowl!  I had a good laugh about that!

So I ripped it all out and started again after some advise from my Instagram friends!   My mistake the first try was I was pulling the fabric through the sewing machine, you have to let the machine do the work. I also wasn’t working on a flat surface and just had my Bernina sitting on a table. So the second time around I but my Bernina in my Janome cabinet and added a table behind making a level work area.  This worked so much better and I could see the difference right away. If you are making this rug and see it is starting to ‘bowl’ just stop and rip, don’t keep going like I did and think you can force it flat later!  

My Bernina 350 did a fantastic job sewing this together, and I didn’t even have to use the walking foot!  On my first try I started with my 6500  Janome with the walking foot on but it was skipping stitches and looked terrible.  I quickly switched to the Bernina and had no stitching issues.

It now sits in front of my kitchen sink, nice and flat!

I was at a quilt retreat this past weekend with a group of local quilters. It was so nice to hang out with these talented ladies and work on a few of my own projects. 

 I made three more Diva Wallets and I just love how quickly this go together.   I made another one out of cork and the other two are batiks.

I was also able to get a good start on my own Stellar quilt.  Lori had made our cover girl for this Highway 10 Designs pattern so I thought it was time I piece  one of my own.



  1. Fabulous rug! I jumped on that bandwagon too - it was fun and turned out fairly well. I like yours better though! :)

  2. All kinds of magnificence! (sp?)

  3. I'm a hooker and a quilter and I have not jumped on this bandwagon yet... I'm obviously living under a pile of wooly rocks lol. I ❤️❤️❤️ The look of yours and keep eyeballing my jelly rolls and dreaming up designs for this and then my eyes gaze over to the twin bed (in my sewing room) and then all my dreaming of making this rug stops. .... As I take in the 10+ projects I've started and haven't finished lol.

    Anyone else like that?? I get so excited about new things that I start them and then my excitement jumps to the next neat thing I find on Blogs. 🙄

    1. Nope, but I'm a rarity! LOL! I finish the majority of my projects before starting another one, I know I'm weird. The rug is a fast project...you might just finish it if you try it! :)

    2. I am like that as well. I always have at least five projects going at once. When I am almost finished with one project my mind is already planning the next.

  4. That rug is awesome, batiks must have been way less unravelling even with 2 tries! Love things we make that we can use and live with and love. Looking forward to seeing your new quilt. I love you don't have UFO's, hee hee!

  5. I'm skipping stitches on my Brother sewing machine, and I don't have another machine to try it on! I've tried every thing... changed my needle, thread, cleaned my machine... nothing has corrected it :-(

  6. I am curious how these hold up once on the floor. Any feedback on their hardiness?

    1. I think the main factor for how well they stand up is the fabric you use to make it with. I used batik and it has stood up well for the two years I have been using it by my kitchen sink.