Saturday, June 23, 2018

Heart Quilt


This is Monica’s Heart Quilt and she made it with 9” HST blocks. The fabrics are super sweet with tiny bunnies, hearts and flowers.  Here is a close up. I don’t know the fabric collection so if you know it could you please add that in the comments, thanks! 


Monica asked for the Moderish for the panto and I used a light beige thread with Quilters Dream Blend batting.


It was really windy when I took these pictures so only got a few!


Now I have to share my latest discovery here…fireflies!  I remember watching then as a kid at my parents cottage but we didn’t have any up north.  The fields all around our place have been full of then the last couple of nights which I have been told is quite early.  And of coarse I had to try to get a picture which doesn’t do the experience justice.  I used my 40mm lens, a 15 second exposure, f/2.8 and ISO 200.  And yes I was even able to catch a few!


Then this morning I check our trail camera as we have been capturing a lot of deer and the last time I checked the camera I was getting tiny ears at the bottom of the pictures! So we moved the camera lower on the tree and I was so thrilled to find with the following images!

IMG_E6163 (2)

IMG_E6162 (2)

IMG_E6165 (2)

IMG_E6166 (2)

And there is the best picture of mama from a few hours earlier.

IMG_E6164 (2)

Now if I could only catch them, when they are passing by, using my DSLR camera!


  1. The quilt is wonderful!! Perfect for my granddaughter 😊
    I moved 2 years ago to South Huron, near Lake Huron in Ontario and we have Fireflies too!! I hadn't send them since I was a child and last year they were far this year they are here but high up in the trees...I think as the nights get hotter they will come lower... I'm having a family reunion on July 1st and I HOPE they are everywhere so I can show my mom and start the tradition with my grandbaby and nieces of catching them in mason jars...just like I did with my mom 💕
    Your Deer pics are beautiful...amazing photos !

  2. What a lovely quilt. Fireflies! I've never seen a firefly ever. I have heard that there were some in The New Forest down here in Hampshire UK, but although I spent a lot of time there with my grandparents, I never saw any. Thank you for that - TV special effects in films are sadly lacking compared with the real thing! The deer are nice to see too - especially with their little spotty bodies!

  3. Sweet quilt. And I hope that the fireflies come out here this summer. They are always fun.