Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Hello Sunshine! (Part 1)


Ready to see a super cute quilt... and its not even finished!  This is Phyl’s Hello Sunshine quilt and it is a machine embroidery pattern by Kimberbell.   Phyl purchased the embroidery pattern from Road17N in Winkler, MB.  I saw their shop sample of this quilt at the MPQ’s Quilt Show in April so used that for inspiration for this quilt ( thanks Shari!). I dug into my repertoire of folksy quilting designs I had a blast quilting this summery quilt.  You might still be able to find the embroidery CD pattern at Road17N on their website here or just contact the shop.


Now I said that it wasn’t finished as Phyl still has some 3D-embroidered embellishments to add.  In the photo below you can see the mason jars (made out of clear vinyl)  with what looks like straws in them…they are not straws but sticks that hold pinwheels!   Also some more flowers will be added as well as balloons coming from the bicycle blocks and tails for the kites.


Here is the whole quilt.  I cross hatched in the outer border and did tiny loops in the inner border.  Stitched in the ditch around all the embroidery and used fills like stippling, swirls and loops in the background.




I used MicroQuilter 100wt white thread on top and white Bottom Line on the back. Quilters Dream Blend batting.


Had to get a picture of it with my new cruising bike! :)


Love how the pineapple blocks are made and the bicycle block is my favorite.


When Phyl finishes the rest of the embellishments she will send me photos that I will share on the blog!

Now usually at the end of June I announce I’m take July and August off. Since I am still re-establishing my longarm business after the move I decided to take a few quilts in July and just take August off this year.  But since I am done my June quilts I am going to have fun and work on a few of my own projects for the next 5 day!



  1. I'd love to see the quilt when it's completed. A great job by both of you.

  2. Very, very impressive! Where did you buy your bike?? Is it a dependable brand? I looked it up when you first showed us. My bike is from a local hardware store and its falling apart piece by piece! We are off to camp at Kenosee for the long weekend so that should be fun. Take care.

  3. That is so adorable. Nicely done ladies.

  4. What an amazing quilt, and the bike, a beautiful block. Yours looks fun too. Just needs those flowers!!!I can almost smell those yellow ones in your garden.