Monday, September 23, 2019

On The Bright Side Quilt

This is Gail's stunning 'On The Bright Side' Quilt which she did as a Quilt Along with All People Quilt.  The pattern can be found in February 2018 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine. I also found a link to purchases it here.

I have been watching Gail make those 256 tiny 3" stars at our Tuesday Sewing Group for quite awhile now.  I was very excited to hear she finished the quilt this summer and it was coming my way to get quilted.  I love the red and white scrappy fabric she chose to make this quilt, very different from the fabrics shown on the pattern.

Gail asked that it be lightly custom quilted so I suggested CC the red squares and have free hand flowing feathers in the white areas flowing out from the center. How to quilt the tiny stars was tricky as I couldn't think of a way to quilt these continuously.  So I ended up CC in the center so that was a lot of stops and starts but so worth it.

I quilted a feather wreath in the center and then added a still extra diamond motif to fill in that space in the center.  It was too large to leave unquilted.

  This is a very large quilt,  97" x 97" and will be the last large quilt I custom quilt for a while.  I have been have a few back/shoulder issues which seem to flare up during and after I have custom quilted a quilt. So I have been turning down custom work for now as it is this time to take it a bit easier and take care of myself.  I can still do pantographs for any size quilt and will still do some custom quilting just have to be more selective as to which ones I take on.


  1. This quilt is gorgeous!! I love red and white together, and those stars.... Oh my!! Just beautiful!!

  2. Love it! I love two color quilts also. Your quilting is spot on for this, love those feathers!

  3. Beautiful quilt. I love your take on the quilting too.
    Sorry to hear of your back/shoulder issues. May they go away quickly.

  4. Hello...I'm Jo Kramer the designer of the pattern. WOW. This is STUNNING. I love seeing another color scheme! Congrats to you both on the GREAT work!!

  5. Oh my gosh, that's spectacular!