Sunday, September 8, 2019

Winter Quilt and Garden Sighting!

This is Barb's Winter Quilt and it is made with the sweetest winter themed panels .  She framed each panel in red and used a 4 patch in a 9 patch for setting blocks.  I used Bora Bora for the pantograph design and used light grey So Fine thread.

I have been having fun taking picture in my garden, more specifically the insects in the garden.  My first discovery was a Luna Moth Caterpillar which I had never seen before. I have seen a Luna Moth before but not the caterpillar stage.
Here is the caterpillar, which is about the size of my thumb, and I've added my moth pictures from 2017 to show you it moth transformation.

Caterpillar looking right at me!

Luna Moth from 2017. Look how fuzzy and fat they are!  I have read that Luna Moth sighting are getting rarer. I am really hoping to see the final moth stage so have my eye out for it now.

Then a few days ago I had just returned home from a bike ride and  noticed a Hummingbird Moth flying around my petunias. I got out my phone and took a few pictures and videos, you can see the videos on my Instagram page. I was surprised after posting these on IG how many people had never seen one!  Yes they are a moth, but the size of a hummingbird and fly like a hummingbird.  I have never seen one this colourful before so looked it up and found out it is a White-lines Sphinx moth which is part of the Hummingbird Moth family. They are usually seen at dusk which was when I saw this one.


  1. What a great way to use panel squares!

  2. That's a great quilt!
    Thanks for sharing the caterpillar / moth pictures - so many beautiful creatures that I've never seen before.

  3. Very fun pics...never seen a luna moth.

  4. Beautiful quilt and stunning moth. We do get hummingbird moths occasionally - not seen one this year. Amazing creatures. I also loved the chunky caterpillar. You are like Alice in Wonderland - almost expected it to say Whooooo are youuuuuu! Thank you for the photos they were all lovely.

  5. Nothing Better ... a winter quilt combined with garden bugs .... as we get our first teases that winter is a-coming!
    Barb, I really like the Irish Chain effect of your 4P/9P setting. Kathy, the swirls just seem to give those snowmen lots of snowball-poof!!!!

  6. Just found your blog and I love the insects! We have seen a luna moth twice here in lower Michigan, and a hummingbird moth, which really startled me, in Minnesota. I hadn't seen the caterpillar stage- so neat! Love the use of the panel in the quilt.