Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Simply Dashing in Stonehenge

No I haven't abandoned my blog, I am now back to work after my summer break and will start posting again.  I didn't do any sewing or quilting this last month as I needed to take a break.  My back has been bothering me a bit this year and I also wanted my thumb to heal after my longarm incident in July, you can find that story here if you missed it. It is healing up nicely and the cracked nail should be grown out in another month.  I want to thank those that suggested I move my needle screw to the right side of the needle. I did that so hope it prevents another injury. 

Now onto sharing Vicki's quilt!   Vicki made our Highway 10 Designs pattern Simply Dashing using a dark brown Stonehenge fabric and a light beige blender for the dashes.  Her colour choices give the quilt a rich look and makes for a great masculine quilt.

I used Fascination for the pantograph, beige So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.


There are 3 new horses in the field behind our house so I have been enjoying taking their picture.  Only took a few days for them to come up to me so I could pat them.


  1. Beautiful quilt and the photo of those! It looks so peaceful there! You know, I'm going to see if I can move my screw to the other side too. I'm right handed and I get so frustrated changing that needle with the screw on the left side. I'd bet money that a left handed person designed that! hahaha!

  2. Love this quilt design.
    Good shot of horses too.

  3. That looks fantastic!! hope your break was soothing!