Sunday, April 5, 2020

Home and Native Land Quilt

Lori made the lovely Canadian themed quilt using a panel by Stonehenge from a collection called Home and Native Land.  The aboriginal art work in the map is very striking in design.  I was at a retreat this winter with Lori when she was working on this quilt.  She didn't use a pattern but as she put it 'was making it up as she went along'.  I think she did a fantastic job and I like the addition of the Canada flags and red stars in the outer border.

I used the Maple Syrup pantograph as the leaves in that design really stand out nicely in the off white border.  I used off white So Fine thread and she brought a Pellon Cotton batting.


  1. Wow, the piecing in the maple leaves, and love the quilting, this is another beauty.

  2. This is the most wonderful quilt I have ever seen I want one!