Monday, December 21, 2020

Pedal to the Metal in Simply Neutral 2

I'm not normally drawn to Black and White quilts but when I saw Northcott's new Simply Neutral 2 line on Keystone Modern Creative's website I had to order it!   I knew that I wanted to make our Highway 10 Designs patterns called Pedal to the Metal with this line as a few years ago I quilted a similar one for a friend that was fabulous.  You can see it here

I recently purchased a new pantograph called Time Warp that is very dense in design.  I hesitated at first with using it but thought this is my quilt I should see if I like it before I recommend it to others.  Well glad I did as I just love how it looks and creates a wonderful texture on the quilt.

I used white So Fine on top, grey Bottom Line on the back, and Quilters Dream Blend batting. The backing is also a Simply Neutral 2 fabric, a grey with the same print as the white fabric on the front.


  1. The quilt, the panto and then the setting, all truly fabulous with those fabrics.

  2. the black/white/gray as well. Beautiful. Love the quilting as well.

  3. Gorgeous!! I really like the black/gray/white and the quilting surely enhances all of it!

  4. what are the directions for this quilt?

    1. You can purchase my Highway 10 Designs pattern Pedal to the Metal by clicking the link provided (links are in different colour font) or click links to our shop on my side bar.