Monday, December 21, 2020

Pedal to the Metal in Simply Neutral 2

I'm not normally drawn to Black and White quilts but when I saw Northcott's new Simply Neutral 2 line on Keystone Modern Creative's website I had to order it!   I knew that I wanted to make our Highway 10 Designs patterns called Pedal to the Metal with this line as a few years ago I quilted a similar one for a friend that was fabulous.  You can see it here

I recently purchased a new pantograph called Time Warp that is very dense in design.  I hesitated at first with using it but thought this is my quilt I should see if I like it before I recommend it to others.  Well glad I did as I just love how it looks and creates a wonderful texture on the quilt.

I used white So Fine on top, grey Bottom Line on the back, and Quilters Dream Blend batting. The backing is also a Simply Neutral 2 fabric, a grey with the same print as the white fabric on the front.


  1. The quilt, the panto and then the setting, all truly fabulous with those fabrics.

  2. the black/white/gray as well. Beautiful. Love the quilting as well.

  3. Gorgeous!! I really like the black/gray/white and the quilting surely enhances all of it!