Monday, February 1, 2021

Beacons Quilt

Tracy pieced this lovely Beacons quilt, pattern by Purple Pineapple Studio.  Love the red she used for the background, really makes the design pop!

I quilted it with the Taro pantograph, and used Quilter Dream Blend batting.  Now this might sound like an odd choice but I used brown So Fine thread instead of red.  The reason is I found the red too bold on the pieced blocks and the backing was a medium beige so didn't want to use red on the back as I match top and bottom thread colours.  This way I could use a medium brown on the back which looked great and the brown blended in on the top really nicely.


  1. It's always a treat to visit your blog. The quilts are beautiful, your quilting is beautiful and the scenery is beautiful! Thanks for a bright spot in the day and for the great tip about thread color.

  2. The red background makes it look so warm and cozy☺️