Saturday, February 13, 2021

Star White, Star Bright Quilt

Lucinda made this great paper pieced quilt called Star White, Star Bright.  Pattern is by Bryan House Quilts, it was published in the August 2016 issue of American Patchwork and Quilting, you can find info about it here

I quilted it with the Whitecaps pantograph, used white So Fine thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.

We are still stuck in this deep freeze, this morning it was -39'c (-41'c with windchill).  Yesterday I was getting cabin fever so Tim and I bundled up and went outside for half hour to toss some hot water.  Its one of those fun cold weather things I like to photograph. Tim is much better at tossing the water than I am, he gets a good fan shape to his toss!


  1. Stunning quilt. Tim has quite the throwing arm. Love to see pictures of hot water/cold weather toss.

  2. It's cold when hot water freezes. What5 a gorgeous quilt with that design and those colours. Lovely swirls that suit perfectly.

  3. Beautiful quilt! Today is supposed to be our last really cold day and then some warmer temps here. It's certainly time!!

  4. It's a beautiful quilt and the hot water toss is amazing.

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