Saturday, December 17, 2022

Christmas Tree Embroidery

Now that I'm on my December break I have been enjoying some quiet stitching time.  This simple but sweet Christmas Tree pattern is by 'Bustle and Sew'.  I stitched it on a ecru Essex Linen using DMC floss.

You might have noticed in the first picture I started making wood Needle Minders.  I made a few with my logo and one with a snowflake in a 1 1/4" diameter and a few sassier ones in a 1 1/2" diameter. 

One for the knitters too!

I used Neodymium magnets and added a coconut shell button to the back magnet to make it easier to separate and grab the second magnet.

I have ordered some Maple, Birch and Cherry 1/8" wood to make some more as I only had one piece of finished Maple to test out this idea.  If your interested in any of these just send me an email at  They are $10 for a 1 1/4" and $12 for the 1 1/2" plus shipping.  They can go letter mail which is nice.

UPDATE - I started a new Instagram account, my new name is tamarackshack2.0  

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