Saturday, March 6, 2010

Having Trouble Signing Into Blogger :(

I have been trying to post pictures of this quilt for a day now but blogger just wouldn't let me sign in!  I seem to have found a window and was able to sign in on my lap top but it still won't let me on the desktop.  From my searches this is a wide spread problem so I hope it gets resolved soon.
Here is my clients Bound to the Prairies quilt and I used the Ground Cover panto.  The batting I was given was a rolled package of Hobbs 80/20 and I have heard horror stories about how warped thess batts can be from the rolling process.  This one wasn't bad, I didn't like the feel of it but wow did it ever quilt nicely and has a nice loft.  Glad I didn't talk her out of using it, you just never know.
Okay now I can't add anymore photos.....that is failing!
So if I don't post for awhile you know why, hope this gets fixed soon.

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