Friday, March 26, 2010

Let the Stash Building Begin

I can now offically say I love dyeing my own fabric. Why?  Maybe it is the science geek in me that enjoys the measuring, mixing, and stirring while wearing gloves and a mask.  Or the excitement of discovery when you pull the fabric out of the dryer and run to the ironing board to view the colors and textures at there best... when freshly ironed.  Or is it the ever growing rainbows of fabric filling up my fabric bins :)  I would say all the above.
So here is what my 20 metres of white fabric looks like now.  Lori and I have been working together, she finished the rest of our 5th Rainbow last night so I don't have those samples yet.  If your wondering were Rainbow #4 is, it is a combination of rainbow 5, 3 and 2.  We plan on making 12 rainbows with 12 fabric with 7 dyes.  Organization and charts are the key to the planning since we are at the stage were you only need to make 4, 6 or 7 new fabrics to create a new rainbow.  Are you confused yet??  Don't worry we know what we are doing...*pauses and thinks*...yes we definately know what we are doing!


  1. You absolutely know what you are doing! Wonderful rainbows. Can't wait until we get to see a hand dyed quilt or wall hanging. I imagine it will be hard to slash into this special stash. By the way I think you qualify as having a stash now. A

  2. Kathy, these are beautiful! Bravo! Great job! I want to go do some right now!

  3. Kathy, these are beautiful! Bravo! Great job! I want to go do some right now!

  4. Kathy, you have really dyed a fantastic group of rainbow colors! I am still working on mine and hope to accomplish close to your fabric stash! Really like the marbling effect I see in the fabric. YAHOO!

  5. Thanks Monica! Your going to have to send me some pictures of your fabric dyeing adventures! You have been at it a lot longer than I have.
    Audrey... I have nothing compared to Eileen stash!! Still haven't seen your!
    Gail...I'm sure you'll have this many dyed fabric soon :)

  6. Whoo!!!! I cannot wait to get my order so I can get started. I just love the colors. We should have had these for the Presidents square!!! You are doing great work!