Friday, March 12, 2010

King Size Mystery Quilt

Here is another Mystery quilt from our guild that my client made in the King size version.  I can imagine all the guild members looking at this one wondering why it looks different.  This is again another example of just how different this Mystery quilt can be put together.   I won't tell you this was because of a piecing error during the constructions of the block because it wasn't an error... it was just creative piecing!!  Look how great it turned out.
I also trying something new this time and that is panto the center and quilt a separate border.  I really like how it worked out and will recommend this more often now that I have tried it.  Don't know why I haven't tried this sooner.
You have to show you the backing on this quilt too, it is gorgeous and shows off the quilting nicely too.


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  2. Oooo, I really love this panto, sooooo Canadian with the Maple leaf, and so beautifully done. WTG!