Monday, March 22, 2010

Quilt of Valour Number Two

Here we go, the guilds second Quilt of Valour is finished so we are good for the show.  It just needs the binding and I have a guild member that has volunteered to do that.  She is busy putting the binding on the blue Quilt of Valour right now so thank you Lorna!   
On Saturday I started judging the Baby Challenges and WOW they are all so good!   Think it will be down to really minute details to separate first, second and third.  I have the last 4 to judge today.  I must admit I am really enjoying writing the critiques and I hope everyone who participated will find this to be a positive experience.   One thing I enjoy about quilting is that you are constantly learning something new and I hope that the participants will come away from this experience with that feeling.

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  1. Such a nice, well 2 of them anyway, quilts of valor quilts. Love your quilting on this!