Thursday, March 14, 2013

Baby Quilts with Minkee

Debbie also sent me two cute baby quilts to finish for her.  The first one is called Mojave by Villa Rosa Designs and she made hers in bright primary colours for a boy.  We decided on my 3’s and E’s free hand design as it is an open design and will keep the quilt soft.  The backing is this bright blue Minkee which makes this such a cuddly quilt.

The second quilt is from the pattern Cheaper By the 1/2 Dozen, designed by Legacy Patterns.    Debbie did her quilt in soft neutral greens and yellows.  I knew right away which panto design I wanted to put on this one, Goldfish!  The fabrics have a bubble design which look like water bubbles as well as the green fabrics have a fish scale pattern.  The backing is soft yellow Minkee and shows off the fish nicely.




  1. I love your blog and quilting! Enjoy reading w my coffee :-) BTW, where do I find the goldfish panto? Love the simplicity,perfect for baby quilts. Amie

  2. So pretty, soft and cozy looking.

  3. Beautiful work, my friend! I'm going to miss the photos on the ice, come spring. "Spring"?? Where is it? This morning it was -28C in Cooks Creek with the windchill! Sheeesh! I'm still chuckling about photoshop! Too funny! Awesome work, Kath! ;-)