Friday, March 15, 2013

Curve it Up – Star Block #10

block 10

Here is the next block in the Curve it Up QAL.   You can find the instructions on Jenny’s blog here.

Woke up to –31’c this morning…. Mother Nature has a wicked sense of humour!!   I’m so ready for spring!


  1. I am ready for spring as well, as my little grandson says, "I am crying for spring, Gamma".

  2. Cool, both the temperature and the block!

    Best wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  3. Kathy: Ooooh. Beautiful curve it up star block. Love the colours. Did you snow dye any of this fabric? It is still snowing here with a windchill of -27C. Not as cold as your place but still cold enough to think "Yahoo. Quilt day! Inside!"

  4. A shiver went down me when I read -31*. I'm so glad I live in the sunny south of Ontario where its +3* at 7:00 pm.
    Beautiful block.
    Love the ice photos BTW.

  5. Lorna H says...
    I know quilters have sharp things around, so I won't say what the weather is like here in Victoria!?!