Sunday, March 31, 2013

Island Sunrise #6


This is Alex’s Island Sunrise quilt and she choose bright bold batiks for this project. I had a lot of fun quilting it as she said she wanted bright coloured threads and lots of quilting.  I used a variegated Lava thread in bold colors on the top and a purple So Fine for the back.


All the designs are free hand and I didn’t have to stitch in the ditch.  I did a leafy feather in the outer border and three wavy lines in the inner border.   Loops and curls fill the background and a leafy design in the spikes to make them look more like a tropical flower.

alex3 alex4

Alex brought me a beige tone and tone backing and I asked if she wanted me to dye it darker to blend more with the top.  She liked that idea and said purple was her favourite colour!

alex5 alex6

We finally had above freezing temperatures and it got up to +8’c a few days ago but that meant so long clear ice rink!  It started to melt and as you can see in the next few pictures the melting snow is taking over.   It is only-3’c today so it is frozen and dry but I won’t have too many more days to use the ice as it will be a big wet puddle soon.  :(

alex7 ice

So long ice rink, you served me well this year but I’m ready for spring!



  1. Oh yes; enough cold and
    Beautiful quilt....

  2. This looks fantastic, wonderful colours!

  3. Gorgeous colours! It makes me feel so happy. Yay, for warmth and melting. Yay for you - you don't have to shovel your photography studio anymore. Where on earth will you take photos now?

  4. What stunning colours! Very tropical and I love the shade of purple for the backing!

  5. Love what you did with this quilt, Kathy. It does look like exotic flowers. I love the curly cues! Pretty, pretty feathers too! The backing fabric is such a rich colour and goes perfectly with her quilt top. I'll bet she'll love it! Yes, you're patch of ice has certainly served you well this winter. The perfect backdrop for quilt photos. Dave's buddies were out ice fishing this weekend on Lake Winnipeg, north of Gimli, and the ice was still more than 4' thick!

  6. It's so pretty and cheery! We're starting to get green peeking out in people's lawns. I just noticed that yesterday.

  7. Lovely colours and pattern. I can see the snow on the mountain tops from my house, but luckily there's never snow in the valley. Here the weather is nice. Temperature doesn't go below freezing point.