Friday, March 22, 2013


robin3Robin brought me this fun Black, Yellow and White quilt top to finish for her and the pattern is called Box Step by Cozy Quilt Designs.  The blocks are quite large so I used a new panto called Dazzle by Hermoine Agee which is a larger scale design.  I've been waiting for just the right quilt to use this panto on as purchased it about 6 months ago.   The Dazzle design is similar to the Spiral Squares panto but has more of a curved diamond shape to it.  I added a soft curved texture to the quilt.
The quilting shows up great on the light backing.  I used a medium grey So Fine thread on top and a off white Bottom Line on the back.
robin4 robin5
I know I've been quiet on my blog this week but I had finished a quilt for our guild that will be entered in the Northern Juried Art Show so we do not what to show that until it has been judged. I’ll be able to share that one in mid May.  I have also finished all my March quilts early as next week is Spring Break for the boys and didn't know how much time I would have for quilting.  So it might be another quiet week on my blog but once April hits I’ll be back at it! :)


  1. Very pretty. Your quilting design is a nice compliment to the top. Funny, I've been reading advice about ALWAYS matching the top and bobbin threads. But I don't always follow that "rule." It's nice to see that you use the colors that work for you on the current quilt.

    You still have quite a bit of snow! Our trees are blooming down here.

  2. Oh, wow - this quilt makes me rethink my reaction to black/gray/yellow combos! It's so pleasing! What an awesome ice shot, too.

    Hey - how long does the ice usually stay strong enough for you to walk on? And how do you tell when you can't do that anymore?

  3. What a gorgeous quilt!!! I love her colors...and your quilting is fabulous

  4. I agree, that pantograph looks very nice on that quilt. I was wondering, too, how much longer will you have that ice upon which to photograph your quilts!?

  5. Kathy

    Another amazing awesome quilt. Beautiful colours and the pantograph really adds flow to the quilt.
    I chuckle with the ice melting questions. We're starting to run out of places to put snow here in Brandon. And our City is wondering if this will be another "High water" event year. May the ice and snow melt slowly...

  6. I love the black, white and yellow combination. I started to collect fabrics of those same colors last year to make a different pattern...but now you've got me rethinking!
    I'm glad we've still got snow here in northern Alberta since I learned to ski this winter and I'm looking forward to doing a bit of skiing today!