Monday, March 4, 2013

Blue Batik by Karen

This is a Batik design created by a neighbor of mine Karen Clark and it is an Asian inspired design based on the Blue Willow china pattern.    Karen is a local artist that specializes in Oil Painting and Batik, and you can see her profile and other works of art on the NorVA website here.

We decided to keep the quilting simple as the Batik design is the main focus.    I used the pantograph design Curlz to give a soft texture to the piece without over powering it. I used a light blue thread and Quilters Dream Blend batting.

Karen also dyed the sashing and backing fabric…I can’t take credit this time!

I have enjoyed reading all the comments on the Batik Giveaway post and if you haven’t entered for the draw you can still enter by commenting in that previous post.


  1. Beautiful. Truly a piece of art. That panto was the perfect choice to honour the artwork. Love it!

  2. That is a spectacular quilt!

  3. Your job is dreamy..working on such works of art...this is beautiful!

  4. What an amazing quilt and your quilting just enhances it's beauty. Love all the scenery of the location shots and the quinzee!

  5. Love this quilt, I love Blue Willow. Did Karen make the Blue Willow pattern as well, or can I purchase it somewhere?

  6. She *made* the batik fabric? Holy smokes! That's incredible. Gorgeous blues.

  7. Simply awesome. What a special quilt. A perfect medium to display the art.

  8. Kathy: The batik Blue Willow is gorgeous! Wow! And is that a snow cave we see in the background?