Friday, March 1, 2013

Smokey River Quilt


This is Marg’s Smokey River quilt which is a Whirligig design. She bought this as a kit and one place I found it online was at Keepsake Quilting.  All the fabrics in the kit are Stonehenge fabrics which are so soft.  Great color combination of denim blue and browns/oranges too!  I love this picture below as you can see my neighbours cabin that is stained the same color as the border fabric. I had to break branches off my spruce tree to get that shot!


This is actually Marg’s daughter’s quilt but she got her mom to piece it for her, what a nice mom!  She wanted a panto design and we decided on Whirlygig…which is funny because the company that designed this quilt is called Whirligig Designs.  It has Dream Puff batting and I used Lava thread on top and Bottom Line in the bobbin.



I have a special blog post for Sunday that you won’t want to miss…here is a hint…it involved my favorite type of fabrics and your participation in the comment section!  :)


  1. Another stunner! Love the panels of blue on top and bottom and Whirlygig looks amazing on it.

  2. I'm sending my quilts to you just to get photographed! I love the photo with your neighbor's house.

  3. I love the scenery at your place in the winter...and your quilting. That is a beautiful quilt - what size is it? Breaking the spruce tree was worth it - great photo there.

  4. What a beautiful quilt! I'm not a big fan of the Stonehenge fabric, but this is one quilt where I do admire the fabrics. Great photos!

  5. Gorgeous quilt and the panto looks great on it. I am always surprised when I think a quilt should be custom quilted and it has a panto on it. Thanks for the reminder!!

    The ice is just so pretty. How long will you be able to stand on it? We werew going to go skiing today, however it will be 70F at the beach, so we are going there and to the aquarium wth our little grandkids!

  6. Love the pic with the pine branches in it!

  7. Wow..absolutely breathtaking. What great pictures

  8. Not typically the style of quilt I favour but this one is just beautiful! I love the rust and blues together, I think the panels at the bottom and top are really nice additions too!