Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Gift!

I have been eagerly awaiting my next order from 4imprints.  They are the company that I order my Tamarack Shack bags from and this time I ordered a pen/stylus for a thank you gift for my clients.  I had been sent a sample of this pen and have been using the stylus all the time when I’m on my tablet so I knew it was a winner.   Then I realized I should be using one with my business name on it.   It is silly how excited I am about seeing my little business name on a pen. 
This weekend I’ll be attending the Manitoba Prairie Quilters Quilt Show in Winnipeg.   I have never been to this show and excited to finally be able to go.  Our Lug Nuts quilt will be on display in the vendor area so I’ll be excited to hear how it is being received.   If your going to the show and see me make sure to say hi….I’ll be the crazy lady handing out pens to anyone that looks my way!  :)


  1. What a nice present, I love your quilting and think your customers should give you a gift! Possibly you are longing for the snow to end but how great the quilts look laid out upon it.

    1. I like your way of thinking! ;)
      With the amount we have I think the snow will still be here in July!!

  2. that is a nice pen - I'm sure all your customers will love it!

  3. Tamarack Shack looks pretty styling on those pen/styluses. I happened to know your stylus on the weekend but did not realize it is also a pen. Love the colour.

  4. Your pens look great. If you see my friend Anita in the Cotton Mill Threadworks booth, tell her Bev said "HI". I'm sure your quilt will be really well received. Good Luck.

  5. Hope to see Lug Nuts this Sunday and meet you.

  6. I'd come - just so I could get pen! Love that Colour

  7. I have a stylus pen and love it! Great business gift idea.

  8. What an excellent idea! 2 gifts in 1 :)