Sunday, March 23, 2014

Opposites Attract Quilt Plus Some Snow Dyeing


This is Robins Opposites Attract quilt and it’s from the book Sizzlin’ Sixties by Anka’s Treasures.    Robin said “quilt whatever your heart desires” like she always does so I did.    I quilted free hand 3’s and E’s in the center, a scroll design I found in Angela Walters book on the two side borders, and bead board in the outer border.

rm4 rm1

I was really excited to see Lori post one of our Lug Nuts quilt on her blog yesterday.  When we got together last month in Swan River to shop at Fabriculous her friend Reneta bought fabric for our Lug Nuts pattern.   Lori finished quilting it and it’s so great to see it done on another color way.  I stole this pictures off her blog but you can see the rest of them here.

Reneta Lug Nuts (14)

I have been asked if I have been snow dyeing with all the snow we still have and the answer is yes but not a lot.  This one is my favourite pieces from this winter.

sd1 sd2 sd3 sd4

Yes that is the top of my Adirondack lawn chair peeking though the snow!


  1. Love that opposites attract pattern! Snow dyeing is beautiful too!

  2. beautiful snow dyeing piece! I've yet to do the 3's and E's pattern. I've been practicing it so will need to do it 'for real' soon.

  3. I love both of those quilts!
    The only reason I think I would want to be around any snow at all is to try my hand at snow dyeing. Sorry, I was raised and still live on the central coast of California...never learned to appreciate the white stuff!

  4. LOVE your snow dyed piece! Where does one learn about Es and 3s?

  5. Kathy, Thank you so much for the email and the sketch! Next practice piece gets this, and your curved border tutorial. The 12" and 15" boomerangs from Deloa should arrive any day now! Wooooo!

  6. Love that quilt and LOVE your snow dyed fab. Both are fantastic!!

  7. Wow! Those are both great quilts. THe opposites attract is quilted beautifully... do you ever sleep?

  8. Love the quilts and the snow dyed piece is just gorgeous.