Thursday, March 13, 2014

Paint Chip Challenge #2


  This is Yvonne’s Paint Chip Challenge for our quilt show and she made a baby quilt for her project.   She asked that I make the star pop so I used Dream Puff batting,  lightly quilted the star and did free hand 3’s and E’s in the 6” squares.  I then added the pebbled frame around the star in the white background fabric but then couldn’t decided on what to do in the rest of the white fabric so I left that until this morning.  Needed to look at it with fresh eyes and it is amazing how well that works.   As soon as I saw the quilt this morning I knew how I wanted to do to finished off the design.   On the inside of the pebbled frame I quilted a cross hatch design and then CC’d around them.  Then in the very outer area of the background I did a zigzag and CC’d that as well.



Yvonne used a soft pink Minkie for the backing.


It finally got above freezing yesterday and we had some melting!!   I shovelled the dock in hopes that that sun would clear the remaining snow off and it did.  But now we are suppose to get more snow today….BOOOO!



  1. OMG!!! Kathy, you are amazing!! I totally was not feeling this project at all and you have brought it to life!

  2. Upea, yhtä upeat värit ja tikkaus aivan mahtava!

  3. Wow,wow,spectacular quilting!!

  4. I LOVE it!!! Love the quilting - it is just fabulous!!

  5. Kathy: Awesome quilting! Love the pebblework! Wow! How long did it take you to shovel off the dock?

  6. I love that background! It makes the whole quilt shine.

  7. Beautiful quilting! You have achieved the brief you were given. When does your snow melt and you see the ground again in your part of the world?