Monday, March 3, 2014

International Round Robin


Back in September I asked Lori and Desley if they wanted to participate in a Round Robin.  They thought it was a great idea and we thought it would even be better if we had another quilter so Desley asked her friend Bronwyn to join in. So we had two participants in Canada and two in Australia!     I got busy writing up the instructions and we all had a 12 1/2” block ( non-directional) made by Dec 1.  Here are the blocks we all created.   Mine is the picture above and I used fabrics that Desley sent me last year.


This one is Lori’s and she used some of her hand dyed fabrics.


This one is Bronwyn's and she used teal and purple for her block.


And last but not least Desley’s block and she fussy cut her center and used very traditional fabrics….not something I have a lot of in my stash!

So we mailed our blocks across the ocean.   Desley got Lori’s, I got Desley’s, Bronwyn got mine and Lori got Bronwyn’s block.  The only instruction was to add a simple border, no appliqué.

Here are the results of that round.


I managed to find three fabrics in my stash that worked well with Desley’s block. Whew!  I added three small borders with diagonal squares in the corner.

Bronwyn RR (8)

Lori added a pretty teal border to Bronwyn’s block and used a HST design in the corners.


Desley added small squares and put it on point.


Bronwyn added flying geese and corner pinwheels to my block.

We just exchanged our blocks again on March 1 and I now have Bronwyn’s, Lori has Desley’s, Desley has mine and Bronwyn has Lori’s block.  This round the instruction is to put it on point and either appliqué or piece a design in the corner triangles. I call this the ‘Wow Factor’ round.

Now for our Highway 10 Designs news….we have our Lug Nuts pattern available in paper now!  They arrived on Friday, just in time for my day trip down to Swan River with a few quilting friends to shop at Fabriculous!   I meet up with Lori and a few of her quilting friends and we had a great time taking over the shop.  It was one of the coldest days this winter ( –45’c windchill) but that didn’t stop us from the 370km trip! 



  1. Love the star Round Robin blocks! I hope you'll show us the results after the next round too!

  2. Hi, dear! I am from Russia, may be I can do one for you?

  3. It is fun to see your round robin progress. Looking forward to the results of the next round.

  4. The Round Robins are wonderful! I've always wanted to do that but have seen some that scare me away from it. Either the block gets huge too simple borders or they turn out so wonky, they can barely get quilted. Well, not so in this case. I can hardly wait to see them as they grow.

  5. What fun Kathy! Love to see the progress of your Round Robin!! Congrats on the new pattern delivery!

  6. An International Round Robin quilting adventure. How neat! Awesome blocks to begin the adventure. And
    congratulations upon the paper copy of Lug Nuts. Had you thought the lug nut quilt looks similar to the Tardis?

  7. Fun, fun. I have hosted two Modern Mini Mystery Round Robins in the past and it is always fun to work on each mini that I received and to see how they all turned out in the end.