Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Paper Bag Quilt #3


This is Evelyn’s Paper Bag quilt and was a guild project from two years ago were we exchanged 3” squares of fabric and collected them in a paper bag.  This is the first time I have used a panto on this pattern and I was really pleased with how it looks.  Evelyn asked for masculine quilting and since I usually quilt feathers and wreaths when I custom quilt this pattern I thought I would try a panto. 


The panto is called Mimosa, the batting is Dream Blend and I used White So Fine thread on top and Navy Bottom Line in the bobbin.  The backing was a Navy Batik and I could have used white thread on top and backing but if I can get the tension on my machine just right I will try my best to match the thread with the backing fabric.  



  1. Golly hard to see where the snow swirls stop and quilt starts. Very lovely.
    Can you share a little more about the brown paper bag swap? I'm always looking for new ideas for our club.

  2. Love the piecing pattern...what is it?

  3. Kathy: Awesome panto. I agree with Razzle Dazzle Quilter.... the quilt pattern and the
    snow swirls really compliment one another. Humm, are those dock rails we see in the
    one photo? Goodness! How much snow do you have?

  4. That turned out really fabulous and the panto looks great.

  5. Wow - this absolutely fabulous - would love to purchase the pattern for this - do you know where I can get a copy?