Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Dresden Plate Wedding Quilt


This is Linda’s Dresden Plate quilt and it is made with reproduction fabrics.  This will be a wedding gift for her granddaughter who loves vintage things so this will be the perfect gift!  Linda’s friend Nadine made the blocks and machine appliqued the Dresden plates.  She gave them to Linda and then she pieced the blocks together and then gave it to me to quilt, so it has been a real team effort!  She asked for traditional quilting which is exactly what this quilt needed.


Since the border was solid white and you can see the quilting so nicely there I did a feather curl design.  I call these Desley’s Feathers” as she is the one that showed me how to do this design but I have changed them up a bit.   I used open feathers not heirloom feathers so I have given them my own touch!   I did a simple curl in the sashing and lots of CC’s and feather motifs in the Sampler blocks.


In the Dresden Plate block I did tall loops in the fan blades, a feather pedal motif in the center and meandering loops in the background.  I did SID around the blocks, center circle and fan blades.


I used white So Fine thread on top and white Bottom Line thread on the back so no thread changing making the quilting process go quickly.   Linda brought the batting and I think it is a Bamboo blend as it is very soft and gave me a sneezing fit when I  first opened it up. Sure sign it is Bamboo, that is why I don’t carry it but I don’t mind quilting it.  It doesn’t bother me once I have the quilt top loaded on the machine.


I have been experimenting with Instagram for a few months and think I like it!  So if you use this App you can find me under the username tamarackshack1.   Sometimes I post pictures of what is on my longarm before they are done so you can get a sneak peek at what I’m working on.



  1. Between the three of you, you've created a masterpiece. What a stunning and memorable wedding gift this will be. Just beautiful...

  2. It looks great. I find Instagram easier than writing blog posts. It gives you instant piccies!

  3. Beautiful. I am so glad there was a plain back to show all your gorgeous quilting. Love the feathers ;)

  4. Linda's quilt is gorgeous. Your quilting has given it a magical quality. Linda's granddaughter and her groom are going to be receiving an awesome wedding quilt.

  5. Beautiful quilting! And I love the aqua sashing- so different.

  6. Gorgeous quilt and quilting. Wow!

  7. One very thrilled recipient awaiting!!!!!!! Your stitching is very perfect for this repro!! Love it (can you tell????? LOL!!!!)

  8. So beautiful!! so inspiring!
    Thanks for sharing.

  9. It is really fabulous and I'm sure it will be treasured.

  10. Your quilting is so beautiful. I have been sitting looking over post after post enjoying all of your work.

  11. This is GORGEOUS! You did a marvelous job of colors and design. Thank you for sharing your beautiful talent with us.