Monday, February 12, 2018

Critter Boxes


This is Rhonda’s Critter Boxes quilt and the pattern can be found in the book Critter Caboodle by Brandywine Designs.   This quilt is for Rhonda’s fourth grandchild that is turning 1 year old this month.  She wanted a simple panto across it and we chose Happy Times.  Thread is a off white So Fine and the batting is Quilters Dream Blend.


Rhonda did a lovely job with her machine applique and used a satin stitch around all the animals.



  1. Those critters are adorable. Rhonda's grandchild is going to be thrilled. The satin stitching is so perfect. The hours and hours of work put into this quilt reflects the extent of Grandma's love. Happy Times was a wonderful choice for the quilting. It is my hope that Grandma and her grandchild get to cuddle lots under this quilt.

  2. That satin stitch is great, and what delightful little critters.

  3. Adorable! This quilt is going to create oh so many happy memories!
    I have visions of a child creating stories about each of the animals with lots of chatter to tell everyone about them.

  4. Beautiful job! Lucky child. Lots of love and talent went into that quilt.

  5. So so so cute! I love that spotted puppy!