Saturday, February 17, 2018

Two Fabric Bargello #2


This is Gail’s Two Fabric Bargello and the pattern is by Susie Weaver.   Gail made this quilt at a class at Up North Quilt Shop last year and this is the second one I have quilted, you can see the first one here.  Gail used a floral ombre fabric so I decided to use molar feathers as the petals in the fabric print are similar to the shape of these feathers. I then quilted a wavy vertical design in the black fabric to match the print.  I used gold Bottom Line thread on top and back and Quilters Dream Blend batting.


Its been very windy here so I haven’t been able to take my quilt photos an any interesting locations. I was lucky to just get these pictures in my back yard and only had to chase the quilt  few times! 



This is a great wall hanging and again looked wonderful in my kitchen!



  1. Beautiful quilting!! I've made about 15 of these 2 fabric bargello quilts - I taught the class at a quilt shop for almost 3 years and every class was sold out - it was very popular! ha! I never tire of looking at one of these, each one is so different and exciting. Your quilting on this one is just gorgeous!

  2. Wow!!! Beautiful fabrics, great design, and quilting to dream about. Even the snow is gloriously lovely as well.

  3. Beautiful quilting, just perfect for this gorgeous quilt.

  4. Beautiful, beautiful quilting, Kathy!! Love those feathers!! So, the black is the only other fabric other than the cream/yellow/red??? Am I understanding this right?? I went back four times while writing this post to check, double check, triple check and then check again! LOL