Saturday, November 28, 2009

Random Math

That is what Lori and I call this quilt as it was made from our Northcott winnings and we were able to make a nice pattern out of the blocks we made. One of the challenges we are finding with winning 350+ fat quarters is finding matching fabric to finished a quilt. A lot of what we got were 5 fat quarters of one collections and what can you do with that. So when we split up the fabric we found one collection that had about 13 coordinating fabric!! Jackpot...a quilt! So we saved it ( plus a few other plain fat quarters that matched) to work on a project together and this is the result. We want to donate the quilt but haven't found a home for it yet, but we will have a quilt if the right situation arises.
The panto I used is called Butterfly Charm, first time using this one, and I have one minor issue with it. As you can see from the backing picture it isn't evenly quilted, there are open spaces between the butterflies. It looks great but when I free hand a design I like to make sure the open spaces are even or balanced with the quilting.


  1. Two great minds at work again!! Wonder what you two will come up with next??

  2. That's right Eileen, we need two brains to get anything done...LOL!!
    I feel like I'm loosing my mind somedays with the things I'm forgetting!

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