Monday, November 9, 2009

Snazzy Snowflake

Here is a clients snowman quilt and what snowman collector wouldn't want this to cuddle under. This is new panto called Snazzy Snowflake and i used an ecru thread.
When I quilt a panto I usually 'zone out' as I quilt and go to my 'happy quilty place'. Usually that is okay but with this panto, since you start the snowflake at the same place you stop, it can lead to quilting the snowflake twice! (Which I did twice.)


  1. WOW... this quilt gets me excited about winter! Great choice of design on the quilt!

  2. I really love the colours in this quilt. Soft and oh so pretty. I have a terrible weakness for Christmas quilts! I love the Snazzy Snowflake.

  3. Could you tell us where the snowflake panto is from