Friday, December 3, 2010

Change of Plan

So I had a grand plan to meander feather this quilt of mine.  See the is because I picked them all out!  When you decide to feather a quilt make sure it is a quilt that will look good with feathers, this one did not.  I looked like someone barfed thread all over it! Seriously it looked terrible. I realized that quilts with busy prints really don't suit that type of quilting, good lesson to learn on my own quilt.  So out came my Butterfly Charm panto and I am much happier with the results even thought I didn't get to practice the quilting I wanted to.

This quilt is a 'just because' quilt. It doesn't qualify as a stashbuster as I had to order $75 worth of fabric online for the green sashing, border and backing.  Then when I added the butterfly border I thought I had ruined the quilt, the butterflies are quite dark compared to the softer colors in the center .  I ordered my favorite fabric from these collection (Heavenly Hollyhocks) and it really wasn't the best choice for the border.  One of the other floral ones probably would have been better but once I added the green binding I was able to relax as it looked better.  These are not the types of fabrics I normally choose and is the last collection from my Northcott winnings...I am afraid to total the cost of all the fabric I bought to go with my FREE fabric.  The expression " nothing is free" is so true but it was still fun to win.

Today was suppose to be a baking day as my youngest has the day off school.  But unfortunately his is laying on the couch with a bucket as he now has the flu.  Poor little guy, a day off school and he gets sick.  That's a real bummer.


  1. Perfect butterfly pattern for a butterfly quilt. I'll have to get that one too.

  2. I'm sorry your little guy is sick ... total bummer! Your quilt is gorgeous and your quilting is perfect ... sorry about the feathers :)