Thursday, December 23, 2010

Snowglobes and More

I had purchased this cute snowman fabric a few years ago on a trip and thought it was time to chop into it.   What better way to use it up than to make snowglobes!!   Who doesn't feel like a kid when they look at a snowglobe.  Don't know if I'll use them or save them for gifts for next year.  I have enough fabric left of this collection to make 4 more.

Also used up all my leftover Let It Snow fabric and made a few placemats for my table.

Then I found my mini curved blocks that I didn't use in my Beach quilt so made a small wall hanging for my bathroom.

Now I just finished piecing this top from a Bali Pop I purchases a few years ago.  The sashing is left over strips of hand dyed backing I used on my boys Scrappy Star quilts.  Now I have to dye backing for this one.
I have decided that my New Years Resolution this year will be to not buy Bali Pops, Jelly Rolls or any other precuts if I do not have a plan for them.  How long do you think that resolution will last?  :)


  1. You have been busy...I love your snowglobes great idea.....

    Merry Christmas to you and your family Kathy...All best wishes for 2011

    Kay in Scotland

  2. I love the snowglobes. They look wonderful.
    I have to ask if you used a pattern and if so, its name and designer.
    I'd love to make some!!
    Good luck with your resolution.

  3. Karen, send me an email and I can forward you the pattern.

  4. Busy, busy, busy... just like Santa... ho ho ho! Kathy, you have created some beautiful quilt designs. Merry Christmas to you and your family! G

  5. It's nice to see you create some things for yourself. The placemats are adorable and will be a great addition to your Christmas table. Merry Christmas Kathy and to your family. Can't wait to see what 2011 brings from The Tamarack Shack!

  6. You are amazing,you seem to get so much accomplished in so little time. The placemats are adorable! Thanks for the inspiration!